Performance Models of Concurrency Control Protocols for Transaction Processing Systems

Pierangelo Di Sanzo

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In this dissertation we present performance models of CCPs for transaction processing systems. Primarily, we use an analytical approach. Further, we also use detailed simulation models to evaluate the accuracy of the analytical models we propose, and to analyze some features of the protocols we deal with. We preferred to focus mainly on the analytical approach for two main reasons: (1) analytical modeling can be a practical approach for building cost-effective computer system performance models and, in particular, (2) the analytical approach enables to quantitatively describe the complex dynamics characterizing the concurrency control, allowing us to analyze and understand existing dependencies between system performance indicators and other system configuration parameters, and to reason about their implications. In this work, we deal with both Database Systems (DBS) and Software Transactional Memories (STMs), which represent traditional and emerging transaction processing systems, respectively

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