Load sharing for optimistic parallel simulations on multi core machines

Roberto Vitali, Alessandro Pellegrini, and Francesco Quaglia

Published in: SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review, 2012
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Parallel Discrete Event Simulation (PDES) is based on the partitioning of the simulation model into distinct Logical Processes (LPs), each one modeling a portion of the entire system, which are allowed to execute simulation events concurrently. This allows exploiting parallel computing architectures to speedup model execution, and to make very large models tractable. In this article we cope with the optimistic approach to PDES, where LPs are allowed to concurrently process their events in a speculative fashion, and rollback/ recovery techniques are used to guarantee state consistency in case of causality violations along the speculative execution path. Particularly, we present an innovative load sharing approach targeted at optimizing resource usage for fruitful simulation work when running an optimistic PDES environment on top of multi-processor/multi-core machines. Beyond providing the load sharing model, we also define a load sharing oriented architectural scheme, based on a symmetric multi-threaded organization of the simulation platform. Finally, we present a real implementation of the load sharing architecture within the open source ROme OpTimistic Simulator (ROOT-Sim) package. Experimental data for an assessment of both viability and effectiveness of our proposal are presented as well.

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